The London Open 2018

The exhibition includes a brick sculpture built on site by father-daughter team, bricklayer Brian Watts and artist Demelza Watts; a tense video by Nelmarie Du Preez of a robotic arm, programmed by the artist to repeatedly stab a knife between her spread fingers; and the surreal altered photographs of Eva Stenram. The strong resurgence of abstract and figurative painting is shown by the vibrant murals of Lothar Gotz, the vigorous brushstrokes of Mary Ramsden, and Caroline Walker‘s intriguing views of swimming pools, while participatory art is thriving in the haunting sound performances of Sam Belifante and the MUSARC choir.


A core element of the Take One Picture scheme is to provide primary teachers with opportunities to share ideas, learning, and practice. This course is planned specifically with this in mind, offering an opportunity for primary teachers working across the UK to network with peers and to develop ownership of the Take One Picture project.

The sessions will be held on the following dates:

Monday 14 September 2015
Monday 12 October 2015
Monday 7 December 2015
Friday 15 January 2016
Friday 12 February 2016
Monday 14 March 2016
Friday 29 April 2016
Monday 16 May 2016
Friday 10 June 2016

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